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 “With messy hair and a thirsty heart, stay gold” is the slogan for Alex G‘s latest campaign with Na-KD and we’re all about it! This beach beauty dominates in their Spring 2017 line, reminding us that details are everything! From complementing your waistline with this pair of adorable silk rose-pink pants, to adding a savy backside bow on this newly-released white blouse, Na-KD highlights the female figure in such a magical way.

Also, we absolutely love how Na-KD aims to re-function how an individual is to wear their clothing. By styling jackets and shirts in a way that’s far from the norm, Na-KD reveals a strong sense of uniqueness and individuality that makes trailblazers out of all their admirers.

Having trouble looking away? Don’t! Take a peek at the rest of Alex’s shoot, as well as her campaign video below:



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Check out Alex G’s portfolio and follow her on Instagram.

Photographer – Christian Harvey Instagram.

Creative and art direction – Sebastian Hammarberg Instagram.

Styling– Sebastian Hammarberg Instagram.

MUA and hair– Matisse Andrews Instagram.

Videography – Cobian Dewey Instagram.

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  • Hello!
    My name is Heather Van Gaale and Im a photographer in Yorba Linda in Orange County my place is about 40 minutes from downtown LA.
    I would love to do some test shoots and some editorial submissions with your girls. I have studio on my property. My property is private and tropical oasis so I can get some really nice looks that I think would be great. Please let me know how we can start working together. If you have girls that need to develop there portfolios id love to help.
    Thank you so much
    Heather Van Gaale

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