WHAT'S NOUS // Alyssa Miller x Pilgrim Featuring Nous Models


Alyssa Miller’s self-made vintage label, Pilgrim, recently came out with a new holiday vintage collection, and it’s so cute we’re not sure if we could love this brand any more. Oh wait, no? We can? How? That’s because some of our very own #NousModels – Sophia Piccirilli & Kendall Harris are featured in the collection! Take a look below to see our Nous girls modeling Alyssa’s new inventory.



Alyssa in the Pink Magic Dress: Exclusively at Pilgrim


Sophia in the 30’s Chiffon Dress: Exclusively at Pilgrim


Kendall in the 70s Red Bodysuit: Exclusively at Pilgrim



Sophia in the 70’s Knit Gown: Exclusively at Pilgrim


Sophia in the Yellow Feather Dress: Exclusively at Pilgrim





Love what you see thus far? Shop the rest of Alyssa Miller’s Pilgrim line by clicking this link.

Alyssa Miller: Portfolio | Instagram

Sophia Piccirilli: Portfolio | Instagram

Kendall Harris: Portfolio | Instagram.

Photography – Heather Gildroy Instagram | Website.


















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