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Ashley (@ashleymooreM) recently shot with photographers Joe Villanueva and Katie Stone for an exclusive editorial by Galore Magazine. Of course the pictures are absolutely stunning, with flawless hair by Leah Bacino and makeup by Ash Mathews. Galore sat down with Ashley to chat with her about her career, her inspirations and what it really means to be beautiful.

Check out the full interview below:

Ashley: what did you want to become when you were a child?

I wanted to be an actress and still do to this very day. I just want to keep pursuing this.

Where do you call home?
I’m from a military family, so I traveled a lot…I was never in just one place. I lived in North Carolina the longest before I moved out here, so I would definitely call that home. I love going home to visit because it’s very relaxing and different from here. The pace of life is slower. You know?

Who’s your favorite model or actress?
I’m obsessed with Angelina Jolie as far as acting. She’s a business woman who can do everything and she’s just headstrong… I really admire that about her. As far as modeling I really look up to Chanel Iman, she’s one of my favorites. I actually had a chance to meet her and she was simply amazing. I really look up to her, and we share a similar look in a way. I think that’s another reason I look up to her so much.

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Ashley, tell us about your experience in the fashion world?

In the beginning I was not really into it or took it seriously. However, after being in it for a while it really opened my eyes to the different vibes and energy people have. And what people put into it all as well. I know it’s a lot to deal with, but fashion is amazing. I appreciate it more now.

How do you get ready for shoots?

I go in with a positive mindset and a great attitude. Like it’s going to be the best shoot of my life. And it usually turns out to be a really good shoot. So I decide to pump myself up about it.

What is the weirdest shoot you’ve been a part of?

I did a Lexus commercial and it was a little uncomfortable because I looked completely different. My eyebrows were bleached, I had black hair, I looked like an Alien. That and having to play a 15 year old cabbie who’s all cheesy and stuff. The thing is I enjoy getting into character and not being yourself.

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What would you say has been your favorite shoot?

I shot for GQ with A$AP Rocky, and I shot with Ben Watts which is one of my favorite photographers and it was amazing. Just being around the energy and the crowd was amazing. It was really great working with Ben. That’s also when I met Chanel Iman…so that was an amazing, amazing day. Another one was, I was able to go to Puerto Rico for a shoot I did for Garage. It was a 3 day shoot around really cool people and a great scene. Those were really great moments for me.

How do you face rejection?

In the beginning it was really difficult for me. People can say so many negative and hurtful things to you. I’ve just learned to just ignore it and realize there’s always going to be a prettier girl, that’s just the life. You can’t compare yourself or let those words get to you because then your confidence is just shot. So I’ve learned to be who I am and be comfortable in my own skin and just go with it, be happy and not really care what others think.

What is your opinion of beauty, is there a certain stereotype?

It’s definitely what’s on the inside, the outside isn’t everything. You have to have a good personality, confidence, have a good attitude and carry yourself well. Because a negative attitude will make you look horrible and it’ll make you become an ugly person.
You can be beautiful all day long on the outside but if you don’t have a beautiful inside, it doesn’t really matter. So the way you carry yourself and having overall just great energy. That’s what beauty is to me.

What drives you?

Honestly, do what I love and be able to support and take care of my family. I want to travel the world and help others. I love going on mission trips just because we should always give back. Seeing others be happy makes me happy. That’s one of my big goals: Travel.

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