WHAT'S NOUS // Living Doll Weekends


These days, it seems as if Monday through Friday is a whirlwind of work, school, traveling, and making excuses for why we don’t have time to workout. So when the weekend arrives, we only have one thing in mind: R&R. But you don’t have to resort to sweatpants to kick back (even though it’s super tempting). Do yourself a favor and spice things up while still maintaining a casual-cool vibe, and enlist Living Doll LA to help! Their take on weekend wear pretty much guarantees adventure ahead: we love how their style incorporates a new perspective on original staples.

The Stella Cross Bottom shirt, for example, adds a fresh twist to the plain white tee, and their grey Cardigan paired with ripped denim is a surprisingly awesome duo that’s perfect for exploring that new art shop downtown. Add in a killer kimono, an always reliable black hat and booties-made-for-walkin’, and suddenly your Saturday just got a whole lot better – and more stylish. Whatever you have in store, you’ll be glad your sweatpants remained safely amongst the “organized” pile of clothes in your apartment.

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