Happiness, a brand known for having THE most adorable social media photos, launched a new collection at Kyle by Alene Too in Beverly Hills last Friday night. A few Nous Models have shot for the brand as of late, so when we got the invite to attend, we RSVP’d: TOTES. Not only did we have a super-fun time, we got to learn more about the brand and what they’re about. Here’s the rundown:

5 Reasons to Live in HAPPINESS

1. Happiness was born out of love (literally). It all started in 2007 on the first day of classes at FIDM, when two students met, fell in love, and teamed up their complementary degrees in Merchandise Marketing and Merchandise Product Development to create a clothing brand that would bring their vision of Happiness to life.

2. It’s family-style. Both Eiman and Michael (now married) have brought in their siblings and parents into the business; with the Hamza’s taking care of business in LA while the Scarpellinis are holding down the fort in Milan. Talk about goals!

3. If you don’t want to #SpreadHappiness, you should probably reevaluate some things. Um, hello!? Why wouldn’t you want to wear something that makes people happy? Imagine it now: it’s a sad, rainy day. You get up, put on your snuggly “Positive Vibes Only” sweatshirt and mentally prepare yourself for the gloomy day ahead. Except as you go about your day, people see the casual reminder on your threads, and they smile. Seeing their delight, you smile back at them. Now everyone’s smiling. It’s a no-brainer. Look cool, feel good and #spreadhappiness.

4. Athleisure is the new black. Well not really, but we think you get what we mean. Gone are the days (re:nights) that required you to wear bodycon dresses and high heels to be party-ready. This is 2015, afterall. We’re all professional multitaskers now. We can be cool, confident AND comfortable all at the same time. You don’t even have to take our word for it, it’s Gigi Hadid-approved.

5. You’ll find Bridget, Holly, and Lauren smiling back at you from I mean, we may be a little biased here, but our girls not only look the best, they are the best IRL. Just trust us when we say these are three of the coolest, kindest, Happiest girls you’ll ever meet. No false marketing here.


Check out our pics from the event, and some of our favorite pieces from the collection:

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Bridget Satterlee / Holly Hicks / Lauren Johnson

Changing the world is not your normal post-grad job. But that’s just the route that the 21 year-old founders of 31 Bits chose after a eye-opening trip to Uganda, where they discovered a group of young girls just like themselves making a living in a war-torn nation by making simple, eco-friendly bracelets. Fast-forward to 2015, where jewelry aficionados and activists alike can now take part in a global phenomenon built off determination, a dash of fierceness and a core group of amazing people whose creative eyes and passionate hearts pulse with the desire to create something that impacts the world.

Made using 100% recycled materials, 31 Bits jewelry proceeds help support a holistic development program in Uganda that is changing women’s’ lives by enabling them to receive health education, finance training, counseling, and business training. This revolution has been impactful not just to the women themselves but to 31 Bits customers as well, who are described as Adventurers, Believers, and Romantics. Read on to see how great Lauren looked in these gorgeous gems and find out what category you fall into. Get ready to help save the world, and look good doing it.

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