She’s so Nous! Meet Mae ~


Photo by Alanna Gilbert

1. Name?: 

Hi my name is Macon Chabot Mullinax and I go by Mae.

2. How old are you?:

I am 17 years old.

3. Where are you from?:

I am from the small town of Turlock, California in the heart of the Central Valley.

4. What is your dream pet? (It doesn’t have to be traditional!):

My dream pet would be an elephant. I would love to own an elephant sanctuary where breeding took place to ensure that they are around for future generations to be able to see and not just look of pictures in books of the creatures. Elephants are my spirit animal.



Photo by Alanna Gilbert

5. Where would you take your dream vacation?: 

My dream vacation would be to either Bali or Portugal. Both have jungles and sites to visit that are not overpopulated with tourists. Bali is a dream destination with all the wildlife to see, while Portugal is rich in history. I also would love to dive deeper into their cultures.

6. What would the title of your memoir be?:

The title of my memoir would be Modern Teenager. So many books now are painting pictures of the perfect high school experience, but I would use my journal to remember honest events that would be relatable and examples of situations that the average American teenager experience.


Photo by Alanna Gilbert

7. Have you overcome any of your fears?:

I consider myself very spontaneous and adventurous, with almost no real fears. However, my absolute phobia is rodents. I really do not like pet stores – going by that isle and I own a cat to insure there are no mice near me.

 8. What’s been your biggest achievement (so far)?: 

My biggest achievement so far would be graduating high school a year early with above a 4.0 GPA. School has always been a strong suit for me especially writing classes, English. Languages, and the Arts. My two favorite classes I took were Portuguese and Ceramics.





Photo by Alanna Gilbert

9. Is there a band/musician that you would drive across the country to see?:

I have been obsessed with Maroon 5 since I was seven. I would die to go backstage and meet them. I swear I know every song and own every single record for my Crosley player by them.

10. How would your best friend describe you?:

“Mae is a very outgoing and spontaneous person. I love that she is willing to be my right hand and best friend whenever I need her. She is very welcoming and always makes me feel comfortable. Being best friends with her for 6 years has shown me what a true friendship really is. Mae will always stick up for herself and anyone around her, which is an excellent trait to have.”





Photo by Alanna Gilbert

11. Who is your role model, and why?:

My role model in the modeling world is Behati Prinsloo because she left her whole life behind to pursue her dreams. She uses her platform to speak out for change and is genuinely a positive person that has worked really hard for her success. Bella Thorne is my main role model because she is unapologetically herself. She has shown me how to try different things and be confident within your own skin.

12. How do you kick back and relax?:

My favorite ways to kick back and relax are taking a warm bath with candles, drawing in my journal, binge watching Youtube videos, organizing my closet, cuddling my kitten & dogs, watching movies with my little sister, and going on night drives, with no destination blasting throwback music.



Runway Video:

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Hey lovers! Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and if you are struggling to find the perfect gift for bae this year, we’ve got you covered! Vanessa Mooney’s Clothing and Jewelry Line, based in LA, has recently launched some new looks, and they are too cute to resist! Check out her new collection below, featuring our #NousModel Ashley Moore.

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Valentina Jumper in Black. Exclusively by Vanessa Mooney.

Cassie Jumper in Polka Dot. Exclusively by Vanessa Mooney.

Cassie Jumper in Star Print. Exclusively by Vanessa Mooney.

Elisabeth Dress in Blush Original. Exclusively by Vanessa Mooney.

Elisabeth Dress in Star Print. Exclusively by Vanessa Mooney.

Elisabeth Dress in Black 2.0. Exclusively by Vanessa Mooney.

Limited Edition – Heather Top in Black & White Leopard Print. Exclusively by Vanessa Mooney.

Heather Top in Black. Exclusively by Vanessa Mooney.

Heather Top in Blush. Exclusively by Vanessa Mooney.

Limited Edition – Heather Top in Black & White Polka Dot. Exclusively by Vanessa Mooney.

Limited Edition – LaLa VM Slip Dress in Black & White Plaid. Exclusively by Vanessa Mooney.

Limited Edition – LaLa VM Slip Dress in Black. Exclusively by Vanessa Mooney.

Limited Edition – LaLa VM Slip in Black & White Polka Dot. Exclusively by Vanessa Mooney.

Limited Edition – Valentina Dress in Black & White Leopard Print. Exclusively by Vanessa Mooney.

Limited Edition – Valentina Dress in Black & White Polka Dot. Exclusively by Vanessa Mooney.

Limited Edition – Valentina Dress in Black & White Plaid. Exclusively by Vanessa Mooney.

Valentina Dress in Red & White Polka Dot. Exclusively by Vanessa Mooney.

Limited Edition – Valentina Dress in Star Print. Exclusively by Vanessa Mooney.


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Over the past few fashion seasons, there has been a huge transformation in the latest trend in athletic wear. A trend that was once known for comfy clothing only to be worn to the gym or workout classes, is now completely acceptable to wear for any occasion, any day of the week. Check out the gallery below to see our #NousModel Laura Evans rocking the most recent street style trends!

Click on the photos below to shop some of her looks to help get your street style collection started!


Pam & Gela Track Jacket

Phat Buddha Sports Bra

Pam & Gela Track Pants

This shift has created a huge buzz around the term ‘athleisure,’ inspiring all of us trend setters to keep up to date with all of the trendiest workout clothing, sneakers, and accessories. Athleisure is now one of the most essential parts of every girls’ wardrobe. Designers have caught on to this trend fairly quickly, and many have started their own athleisure lines to keep up with the trend.

Maje Plaid Bomber

NO KA’OI Epaki Flared Pants

Maje Track Jacket

Adidas Fanny Pack

NO KA’OI Embroidery T-Shirt

NO KA’OI Embroidery Shorts

Almost every clothing brand that you can think of now has its own athletic clothing line, but some of the most popular brands right now are Nike, Adidas, Gucci, FENDI, Supreme, and Fabletics. This street style trend has expanded from basic black leggings and shoes to bold-colored pants, matching sweatsuits, and sneakers.

Isabel Etoile Marant Kaori Sweater

Isabel Etoile Marant Dobbs Pants

Opening Ceremony Off the Shoulder Warm-Up Anorak

Opening Ceremony Warm-Up Skirt

Fila Women’s Disruptor 2 Premium

Live The Process Cutout Bodysuit

Fila Women’s Disruptor 2 Premium

Whether you plan to spend your day sweating at the gym, running errands around town, or brunching with friends, all you need is an outfit by your favorite sports brand and the confidence to rock the look, and you are ready to take on the day!


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Photographer – Martin Rusch Instagram | Website

Stylist – Janis Bakken Instagram | Website

Makeup – Michal Cohen Instagram | Website

Hair – Sarah Dougherty Instagram | Website


ELLE Bulgaria’s February 2019 issue – on stands now – features #NousModel Maggimae Nuss looking absolutely flawless in the New Beauty editorial. This month’s beauty editorial was shot by the incredibly talented Dorit Thies — where she once again captures the all natural beauty of our gorgeous girl, which we are all obsessing over! We are loving the makeup used in this shoot, and it’s inspiring us to get our hands on these products to recreate these looks ourselves. To see the full spread of the shoot, and to shop similar beauty products so you can create these looks at home, check out the entire spread below.







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Photography and Concept – Dorit Thies  Instagram | Website.

Makeup – Anthony Merante Instagram | Website.

Hair – Marcia Hamilton Instagram | Website.

Retouching – Kristian Klekmane Instagram.


At this point of the year, you probably are stacked with a slew of holiday party invites from now until New Year’s eve. For some outfit inspiration, this Pull&Bear shoot with Naty Belmont will help you spark up some ideas for a few fabulous holiday outfits. Perhaps some plaid pants for your Christmas Dinner? Or maybe throw on a sparkly dress for NYE! Whatever item you may desire, Pull&Bear has us covered this season.

To see Naty rocking some different holiday wear, check out the looks below.












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Alyssa Miller’s self-made vintage label, Pilgrim, recently came out with a new holiday vintage collection, and it’s so cute we’re not sure if we could love this brand any more. Oh wait, no? We can? How? That’s because some of our very own #NousModels – Sophia Piccirilli & Kendall Harris are featured in the collection! Take a look below to see our Nous girls modeling Alyssa’s new inventory.



Alyssa in the Pink Magic Dress: Exclusively at Pilgrim


Sophia in the 30’s Chiffon Dress: Exclusively at Pilgrim


Kendall in the 70s Red Bodysuit: Exclusively at Pilgrim



Sophia in the 70’s Knit Gown: Exclusively at Pilgrim


Sophia in the Yellow Feather Dress: Exclusively at Pilgrim





Love what you see thus far? Shop the rest of Alyssa Miller’s Pilgrim line by clicking this link.

Alyssa Miller: Portfolio | Instagram

Sophia Piccirilli: Portfolio | Instagram

Kendall Harris: Portfolio | Instagram.

Photography – Heather Gildroy Instagram | Website.


















L’Officiel Baltics’ December issue ~ on stands  now ~ features the stunning Nous Model Laura Evans, The beauty editorial is shot (and styled) by Dorit Thies – an absolute photo wizard when it comes to beauty and hair photography.  Dorit’s work in this editorial is a prime example of her portfolio of strikingly detailed and conceptual compositions. #NousModels just love working with her!

We’re also absolutely loving the makeup used in this shoot. Makeup artist, Noel Nichols, used Hourglass Cosmetic’s  Intensity Lipstick to get that saturated, long-wearing lip color with a satin finish.

To see other beauty products used on Laura, and to get some fabulous holiday makeup and hair inspiration, check out the entire spread below.






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Photographer & Stylist – Dorit Thies Instagram and Website.

Hair – Juanita Matijasevic Instagram. | Represented by Celestine Agency.

Makeup Artist – Noel Nichols Instagram.

Retouching – Kristian Klekmane Instagram.



It’s no question that when it comes to the new wave of form-meets-function athleisure, Carbon38 is pioneering the market. One of the hottest luxury activewear brands today, Carbon38 is dedicated to a strong and confident woman.  So, you can imagine how exciting it was for our Nous girl, Maitlyn Simmons, to be able to take part of their new exclusive collaboration with Gigi C.

The brand carries an impressive range of labels (including Adidas by Stella McCartney). However, its in-house label and collaborations with various designers is what’s truly unique.  Emerging LA bikini designer – Gigi C – debuts her stylish activewear collaboration with Carbon38,  showcasing the designer’s aesthetic: clean lines, architectural shapes, and crisp, laser-cut details.

To see more of this unique aesthetic and to shop the looks, check out the spread below.







Maitlyn’s Workout MUST-HAVES




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She’s so Nous! Meet Victoria ~


1.) Name?:

Victoria Frost

2.) What’s your age and where are you from?:

17 years old from Phoenix, AZ

3.) Do you have a book that changed your life?:

Yes, the name of the book is How Joyful People Think. My pastor at my church, Scottsdale Bible Church, wrote it. The material discussed in this book has helped me learn how to live a happier more flourishing life. I 12/10 recommend to anyone and everyone

4.) What inspired you the most?:

My goals and aspirations inspire me the most. Without the goals and aspirations I have for myself in the future I wouldn’t have anything to strive towards.



5.) If you needed one, what would your DJ name be?:

So there’s a funny story behind this question. The Thursday night before Black Friday my junior year of high school me and my friend were staying up all night to go Black Friday shopping the next day and beat the line at the malls! So we resorted to some crazy ideas to keep us awake, and by that I mean I turned my room into a concert area and I became “DJ VIC” until 5am. The videos are what really make the story though!

6.) What’s your favorite punctuation mark?:

My favorite punctuation mark is “!” I think it’s so cute and such a happy punctuation mark! Plus it always makes sentences better when u cluster them at the end of a sentence like this “!!!” !!





Photo by Wes Klain

7.) When you eat a pack of skittles, do you save the best flavors for last? Or eat them first?:

I only eat my favorite ones which are the red!!

8.) What is your favorite 90s/2000s Jam?:

I don’t think I can pick just one song I love 90s/2000s music! I have a playlist full of songs just from that time period!!

9.) How do you kick back and relax?:

have a chill day, I light a candle do a face mask and read a book or watch movies and eat 🙂

10.) How do you kick back and relax?:

have a chill day, I light a candle do a face mask and read a book or watch movies and eat 🙂

11.) What makes you feel nostalgic?:

Hard cover books and the old classic converse that are an off-white color!


Photo By Alanna Gilbert

12.) Do you have any mottos you live by? :

I have so many! My absolute favorite would have to be “kill them with kindness” my Paps (grandfather) and my mom have always said this phrase to me ever since kindergarten. When people were being mean to me it was always “kill them with kindness” or “take the high road” and it was probably some of the best advice I have ever received because in the end being the bigger person is always the better option. You never know why people treat you the way they do and sometimes the ones who are the most bitter are going through hardships in life and they need someone to embrace them and be kind towards them. Also, if someone is being unkind and disrespectful towards you, you should still be kind and respectful towards them because how you react to a situation is a reflection of your character not theirs.






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