WHAT'S NOUS // Destination Style with BCBG

Whether you dream of dining in Dubai, cruising through Cannes or backpacking through Brussels, the first step towards adventure begins in a place closer to home: your suitcase. After all, a trip of a lifetime deserves a wardrobe to match! Despite having a million and a half thoughts of what you might wear while indulging in a Belgium waffle brunch, most of the times these ideas – as fabulous as they might be – don’t actually translate (re: fit) inside your bags. That’s why we’re currently loving these low-maintenance yet ultra-fashionable looks that Zeda recently rocked for BCBG. Most of these items are a cotton blend, meaning they are lightweight and easy to fold. And the best part? You’ll only need one statement shoe that looks equally stunning with each ensemble. Browse through the looks below to see why this collection makes the art of packing seem like a whole new world.

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