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A guest post written by Fo Porter.   
Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 2.12.15 PM For me, Aerie is a five-letter word that brings inspiration and beauty not just to my world, but to thousands of girls and women from all walks of life. From the first casting with the amazing ladies of Aerie, I hoped and prayed I would land the job… I TRULY wanted to be a part of this movement! Aerie is paving the way for women just like me who want to feel 10000% comfortable in their own skin, and they are succeeding.linebreak



I feel like deep down, even the most visually flawless person in the world has insecurities. Aerie is doing everything they can to change the culture around that and it’s phenomenally beautiful.

Instead of forever pointing to standards that make many say “I wish” or “why can’t I look like that?!” we should be embracing every last inch of who we are, loving it and flaunting it! It’s important to learn to admire and support others without putting ourselves down, and Aerie gets that on so many levels– it’s so refreshing!linebreak


  Aerie is a dream to work with, I mean a DA-REAM to work with! They treat us so well. I’ve never felt as comfortable with who I am, running around in undies and being a complete goof– it’s exhilarating!

The team makes all the models feel extraordinary by always having the best snacks and goodies on set, allowing us to give input on the styling for shoots (i.e.: What we would ACTUALLY wear, and what we feel most comfortable in) and encouraging us to be ourselves.

When you see the Aerie ads, photos, and videos, we truly ARE that happy, giggly, goofy, playful and beautiful. There’s no facade when it comes to the Aerie girls and what we’re about– it’s pure and from the heart!


linebreakI want to give a massive THANK YOU to EVERY LAST one of you on the exceptional team at Aerie! (You know who you are!) Not only for being behind something this uplifting and liberating but for playing an important role in my life.

You’ve helped me overcome any self-doubt & negativity I may have, and allowed me to finally find a spark within myself; the spark that frees me to be myself and feel comfortable in my own skin. People spend their whole lives in search of this and I’m grateful the Aerie team helped me discover it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Love ya’ll to the moon and back! 

❤️ Folinebreak


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