MEET THE BRAND // Lauren Johnson for 31 Bits

Changing the world is not your normal post-grad job. But that’s just the route that the 21 year-old founders of 31 Bits chose after a eye-opening trip to Uganda, where they discovered a group of young girls just like themselves making a living in a war-torn nation by making simple, eco-friendly bracelets. Fast-forward to 2015, where jewelry aficionados and activists alike can now take part in a global phenomenon built off determination, a dash of fierceness and a core group of amazing people whose creative eyes and passionate hearts pulse with the desire to create something that impacts the world.

Made using 100% recycled materials, 31 Bits jewelry proceeds help support a holistic development program in Uganda that is changing women’s’ lives by enabling them to receive health education, finance training, counseling, and business training. This revolution has been impactful not just to the women themselves but to 31 Bits customers as well, who are described as Adventurers, Believers, and Romantics. Read on to see how great Lauren looked in these gorgeous gems and find out what category you fall into. Get ready to help save the world, and look good doing it.

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