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Gone are the lazy days of summer. Let’s just take a second to morn that loss.

And we’re back.

Anyway, as ironic as it might sound, back to school is actually one of our favorite times of year. Fresh binders and pencils, a new football season, and your prized I-did-not-wake-up-like-this-I-planned-three-weeks-for-this first day of school outfit, they’re all things that we’re looking forward to. That first day back, the hallways might as well be a red carpet. Who’s new friends with who, who’s wearing what, and how so-and-so managed to transform into a totally different person in just a couple of months; these are all important discoveries made on that very first day. So now is your chance to make a statement about who you were, who you are and who you’re becoming. No pressure or anything, but it’s a look that will set the tone for your entire year. So what are you going to do?

At Nous, we’re trend setters, not followers; so you won’t find us frantically swiping through glossy magazine pages trying to spot and copy the newest fad. This year, let’s do something a little more exciting, and bring back a time when school actually felt kind of cool, and the rebel chicks strutted around campus like they just couldn’t be bothered. The 70’s were the ultimate years of the rocker-chic look, which is why we’re literally living and dying for these retro looks from Living Doll’s 1970’s inspired back to school collection. Stripes mixed with paisley, flared silhouettes, leather accessorized with fur, random graphic tees and of course anything FRINGE– no look is too bold when you’re channeling vintage vibes.

Our sartorial statement for this school year: We are tough, we are confident, and we don’t really care if you don’t approve. Want to join us?  Shop Living Doll and you’re already halfway there (just don’t forget to bring the swagger to back it up).



Shop Living Doll here.

Photographer: Logan Cole
Hair & Make Up: Rachelle & Angie of Halcyon Agency
Stylist: Bree Randall & Kenisha Gill
Producer: Bree Randall
Videographer: Bianca Tavera
Assistants: Jasmin Andrade, Meghan Reza and Regan Miller

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