TIPS AND TRICKS // NOUS goes to Makeup School with Make Up For Ever


What to do when you are inspired by beauties like Kim Kardashian and Niki Minaj and a few wrong moves leaves you looking like a cast member in the Lion King on Broadway?  Our suggestion is leave the contouring to the professionals!

What you absolutely should learn is how to do your own beautiful, natural makeup. Especially if you’re an aspiring model! When you start doing test shoots for your portfolio, it will be absolutely essential to sport a natural makeup look, so that agencies and clients can see your true beauty, not how beautiful you could be with the help of a professional makeup artist.

Make Up For Ever was literally built on the education of makeup artists- a teacher and her students working harmoniously together to create something that they not only wanted, but needed! Naturally, we wanted to work with them for this makeup tutorial and video (see what we did there?). The video is wayy down at the bottom, just in case you want a better idea of how exactly to apply these steps.

Here’s everything you need to apply your natural makeup in under 20 minutes, which is just quick enough to fake your early a.m. #IWokeUpLikeThis selfie!

1. All About That Base
First things first, pick a great moisturizer and apply sparingly using your foundation brush. This will not only moisturize your skin, but it’s also going to moisturize the brush so it glides better when you use it for the next few steps. Pick a foundation color that’s just a touch darker than the skin tone on your face but not quite as dark as the tone on your arms and body. Instead of applying primer and then foundation separately on top, mix them together and use at once! It’ll give you a lighter coverage to look more natural. Dab it sparingly onto the end of your foundation brush. Start applying in short sweeping motions from the center of your face and then pulling the mixture out towards and even onto your ears. Don’t forget to blend downwards from your chin onto your neck too, avoiding that awkward makeup line! When you’re finished, if there are any areas where you think you need a little more coverage, put a touch more of just the foundation (no primer) directly onto the brush and instead of brushing over your skin, gently press the brush directly into those spots, dabbing the brush to fill in the area.

2. Skip Facetune
And get a great concealer. Concealer is tricky; you need much less of it than you think and the right placement is key. Look in the mirror and tilt your chin downwards slightly. See those little indents below your eyes? That’s the ONLY place you need to apply the concealer is right there, not underneath your entire eye. Put a tiny bit of the HD concealer on your hand, using your pointer finger, gently dab tiny bits of the concealer into those areas. It’s important not to swipe or brush using your finger; dab it! Do the same thing for the upper inner corners of your eyes just under the inner corners of your eyebrows.

3. #Blushed
Not #blessed, but BLUSHED! Ever-so-slightly rosy cheeks are the epitome of a fresh face. After applying your foundation, your skin is going to be pretty monotoned. So instead of contouring darker areas to enhance your bone structure, use cream blush to bring the life back to the naturally beautiful apples of your cheeks. Dab your blush brush into the cream just a LITTLE and very, very ever so slightly apply the cream to the apples of your cheeks, starting from the top of the apple down and back toward your ears and then in brisk a circular motion directly on top of the apple. VERY LIGHTLY! (We’re not kidding, obviously applied blush is just not cute.)


4. The Secret Weapon – MUFE HD Powder
If you add anything to your makeup collection from this tutorial, ADD THIS!!! Just barely dipping your brush into the cap of the container rather than the bags, use the HD Powder sparingly to coat and finish your now perfect complexion! It’ll gently blend all of the previous products making your skin look ever so smooth and it will also lock everything in place. Apply lightly in the same way you applied your foundation.

5. Brow Game, Strong.
Apply a dab of the MUFE Aquabrow cream to your hand, and just barely dip your brow wand (if you don’t have a brow brush, use a throw-away mascara wand) into the cream. Lightly brush your brows with the wand without touching your skin.

6. Beauty is in the Eye of the Brush Holder
Eyeshadow and eyeliner brushes are super important tools for natural eye makeup.  If you haven’t already, we suggest investing in a few.  Pick 2 neutral shadows that blend well with your skin tone; one slightly lighter than your skin tone and one slightly darker. Using the flat brush, dab the lighter shadow onto and all over the base of your eyelid up to your crease line, but not above. Keeping your eyes open this time, use a pencil brush and your darker shadow to very slightly dab the area above your crease line but below your brow.

Drawing eyeliner on directly is going to be too harsh for this natural look. Instead, take your eyeliner brush and gently swipe it against the end of a chocolate brown eyeliner to get the product onto the brush. Using the brush and starting from the outer corner of your lids inwards, dab the liner into the root of your upper eyelashes. For your lower lashes, look upwards and do the same thing, but with even less force than you applied on the top lashes.


7. Bat Those Lashes
No crazy tricks here! Looking upwards, very lightly dust the Extravagant Mascara through your lower lashes first, and then lightly drag the wand through your top lashes- being careful not to actually coat the lashes entirely.

8. Pucker Up
Pick a natural color that matches your natural lip color. Just like you did with your eyeliner, swipe your lip brush across the top of the lipstick to get the product on the brush. Use it to lightly apply onto your lips starting at the center of each lip and working outwards toward each corner.

Make Up For Ever was made by artists, for artists.

Taking the art of painting the face and body to the next level, Make Up For Ever provides trade tools designed for Makeup Artists and professional quality products for everyday consumers, as well as educational classes at varying professional and recreational levels. This makeup tutorial was done in-house at the Make Up For Ever Boutique on Robertson Avenue. They are open from 10:30 am to 7pm Monday through Saturday and 12-6 on Sunday. For more locations, click here.

Makeup artist Brittany Paige has been doing makeup for 12 years and has been with Make Up For Ever for 3. Currently the Head Make Up Artist at the LA Boutique on Robertson Blvd, she’s represented MUFE for media outlets such as doing makeup on camera for ktla, the drama queen on E!, multiple beauty webisodes as well and doing makeup for a Japanese beauty channel that was aired all over Japan. Focused on education, Brittany teaches weekly Make Up For Ever classes for both consumers and industry professionals.

Want to get the look? Here’s your shopping list:

HD Primer

HD Foundation

HD Microfinish Powder

Velvet Finish Compact Powder

Artist Shadows 

Artist Liner

HD Second Skin Cream Blush

Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick

Aqua Smoky Extravagant Mascara 

HD Concealer 

Aqua Brow Eyebrow Corrector

Sculpting Kit Palette

A huge thank you to our friends Jonathan Del Castillo and Britney Paige at Make Up For Ever for working with us to make this tutorial happen!

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