SHE'S NOUS // Meet Alaya Manzella

She’s so Nous! Meet Alaya Manzella – 

Photo by Madeline Tolle

1. Name? 

Hi, I’m Alaya Manzella!

2. How old are you? 

I’m 17 years young!

3. Where are you from?

I’m from Alabama, rolllll tide!

4. What skill would you like to master? 

I went “surfing” for the first time recently and even though I couldn’t stand up to save my life, I’m determined to shred waves by the end of this year!

5. How do you relax after a long, stressful day?

I always find myself turning on my favorite music and dancing around when I’ve had a long day. It makes me forget about everything going on around me and it helps me to relax and enjoy the moment!

Photo by Wes Klein

Photo by Wes Klein













Photo by Erikson Erise

6. Name one place on your bucket list that you are dying to visit! Why?

Australia for sure! I’ve always been obsessed with animals, especially exotic ones, so I would love to see them up close!

7. What is your dream pet?

A pig. Hands down. Their noses and curly tails are too cute.

8. What your favorite weekend activity?

I love finding new swimming holes with my friends! We’re always jumping off rocks or climbing down waterfalls somewhere.





Photo by Madeline Tolle


Photo by Cindy Romero

9. What’s your go to band/artist when you can’t decide on something to listen to?

Billie Eilish. I love all of her music and I have so much respect for her. She’s so young but yet so successful. A total girl boss.

10. What movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of?

Fear with Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon. Definitely my favorite actor and actress. Cruel Intentions is a classic, too.





Photo by Wes Klein

Photo by Wes Klein













Photo by Morey Spellman

11. What is your favorite TV show to binge watch?

All jokes aside, I could watch The Bachelorette or Impractical Jokers ALL. DAY. LONG.!!!

12. What/who inspired you the most?

Bella Hadid’s videos for Vogue always inspire me. Her video with Donatella for Versace was unreal. I love how expressive and creative Bella is with her movements.

13. What’s under your bed?

Nothing. I got inspired by Pinterest at 3 in the morning to remove my bedframe and as you could imagine, my parents weren’t too happy when they woke up the next day for work and a huge bedframe was taking up the entire hallway. Hahaaaha oops!



Photo by Wes Klein


Photo by Margaret Kimora

14. What food will you absolutely not, under any circumstances, eat? 

PIZZA. I know it’s weird, who doesn’t like pizza, right? Me. I can’t stand it.

15. Which emoji would best capture your essence?

The cowboy emoji. It looks so happy and it reminds me of Bama.
































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