SHE'S NOUS // Meet Kat Lelis


She’s so NOUS! Meet Kat Lelis!



1. Name? 

Hi, my name is Kat!


2. How old are you? 

I am 20 years YOUNG 🙂


3. Where are you from? 

I am from Broward County Florida.


4. What’s your favorite day of the week? Why?

My favorite day of the week is Friday! It’s the day before the weekend!! My least favorite day would be Monday….




5. Where is the most interesting place you’ve been to? 

The most interesting place I’ve been is Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. My family is from Brazil so going there is usually an adventure and I eat a lot! A few years back I got to explore Rio and the views are absolutely breathtaking. I’ve never seen anything like it. I got to see some pretty cool waterfalls. Also climb to where the Christ the Redeemer sits and that was definitely on my bucket list.


6. How do you relax after a long, hard day of work? 

I will usually self care… Throw on a face mask, maybe paint my nails. I enjoy listening to music and also taking walks at the beach or a nature park.


7. What movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of? 

I can rewatch all of the Twilight series and never get sick of it.





8. What/who inspired you the most?

My parents inspire me the most.


9. Which superpower would you want to have?

Definitely teleportation. Imagine the ability to travel in a split of a second. You can be in Tokyo at 10am and make it back to your mama’s kitchen for dinner at 6pm.


10. What food will you absolutely not, under any circumstance, eat?

Probably pickles.. >_<


11. Which emoji would best capture your essence?

I use the Kitty emojis for everything, the heart eye Kitty, the crying Kitty, the mad Kitty emoji..


12. Who was your childhood crush?

Guilty to say, I was a Belieber…










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