SHE'S NOUS // Meet Kendall Harris


What do you think you cook or bake the best?
I LOVE to bake! My favorite right now is pies and cupcakes!

What’s your favorite plant?
I love how quirky and cute cacti are! But my favorite flower to get as a gift is pink peonies!

What food will you absolutely not, under any circumstances, eat?
I will eat pretty much anything once! One time I ordered octopus salad because the waiter told me it was the best thing on the menu… I thought it would be a lettuce salad with a tiny bit of octopus that I could try. I was surprised when I got it and it was just a pile of tentacles, but it wasn’t bad!

What’s the best way to comfort you when you’re having a really terrible day?
A long nap with my two kittens, macaroni and cheese, and talking on the phone with my mom!

What’s under your bed?
A ton of shoes, half drunk water bottles, and cat toys!

Have you ever prank called someone?
Oh yeah! In middle school me and my friends would always call our crushes and had code names for them… embarrassing, but funny now!


What makes you feel nostalgic?
Driving around on back roads in my hometown!

What’s your sign?

Have you ever sleepwalked?
No, but I sleep laugh a lot hahaha!

What was your favorite birthday?
All of them! Birthdays are so awesome, last year I went to Disneyland. This year I want to take a roadtrip up to Big Sur!

Are you afraid of spiders?

Are you much of an Adventurer?
Yes! My favorite thing to do is explore. When I travel places for work I go straight from the set after work to find something cool in the city!

If you had to describe yourself as an animal, what would it be?
Probably a golden retriever! I’m blonde and bubbly like them, and I love to be outside!

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