SHE'S NOUS // Meet The Magruder Twins


Yes, the rumors are true… we’ve caught twin-fever here at Nous. And who could blame us? The lovely Magruder sisters aren’t truly identical, but with just one small beauty mark to tell them apart, they might as well be! Standing tall at a true 5′ 9″, Olivia (below left) and Madeline (below right) are 17 and hail from Maryland. The girls are attached at the hip on and off set, and their bond translates to some seriously stunning photos – but don’t worry – from Olivia’s playful sense of humor to Madeline’s secret celeb crush, there’s plenty that sets them apart. Scroll down to find out for yourself. We are thrilled to introduce to you: The Magruder Twins!linebreak


Photo Credit: Jentrie Bentley @jentrie.aaron

Photo Credit: Matthew Priestley @matthewtylerpriestley




Take a look at Olivia and Madeline’s portfolios and follow them on Instagram.

Olivia Madeline


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