WHAT'S NOUS // Paige for LF


Smack in the middle of summer, it’s a little intimidating (even for us) to try to pull off the go-to ‘black on black on black’ trend that pretty much everyone in both New York and LA will tell you is more of a commandment than a fashion statement. So, fellow Missy Elliot fan, it’s time put your thang down, flip it and reverse it. Go all-in and take a fun but simple risk with an ‘all white everything’ ensemble. White on white is an equally as classic option, but there definitely are a few tricks to keep in mind if you really want to do this trend justice.

Thankfully, the fashion goddesses over at LF Stores have given us everything we need to nail this look with their new lookbook, White On, featuring our very own Paige Watkins. Each image has a tip for how to pull off the look, just don’t expect us to be here when you finish. We’ve already headed out the door to our favorite location

Change up textures to build depth.

Accessorize with neutral colors.

Add extra volume to a simple silhouette.

Add extra volume to a simple silhouette.


Don’t forget about white denim.

Add in something sheer for a date night look.


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