WHAT'S NOUS // Sakura for Taylor and Sage


It’s official- we’re having a summer romance with Taylor & Sage (and we’re not talking about the cute boys next door). The fashion gods have answered our prayers with an affordable collection that has every pinterest-worthy outfit we’ve been pining for. You know, that effortless blend of trendy and bohemian fashion seen on all your fave celebs and bloggers: flowing vintage dresses balanced by modern booties, perfectly faded denim, and high-waisted everything topped with button ups and distressed tees. We’re kind of obsessed with the way Sakura is rocking these looks, and plan on scooping them up as soon as they’re available! Keep scrolling to get an exclusive sneak peek at their upcoming fall collection.





 Check out Taylor & Sage here.

Take a look at Sakura’s portfolio and follow her on Instagram.

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