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We see it happening all around us: weekend brunch is not complete without a myriad of iPhone pictures uploaded to Facebook showcasing an enviable Sunday spread; workday blues are brightened with awkward selfies sent from friends (and maybe a stranger) via Snapchat; and a gathering or soiree without an Instagram- for the ultra savvy, its very own hashtag- without which, well, did it even happen? Shudder.

It’s 2015 and whether we’d like to admit it or not, technology has seamlessly woven itself into every facet of our lives. From Ubering to work to ordering groceries via Instacart, millennials like us are more engrossed in the tech game than ever before.

Cue fashion e-comm, a sector of the tech industry that has skyrocketed in its ability to simplify the connection between runway styles and the retail sector set against an eye-popping $1.5 trillion global e-commerce market. Making an effort to leave your bed when you can shop the favorite styles right from your fingertips has long been the M.O. of online retail stores. Now, with the newest e-commerce revamps from fashion frontrunners like Net-a-Porter and Lucky Magazine, readers can shop looks from editorials instantly, taking the experience to a level that is now up to par with the on-demand theme of everyday life.

The most recent—and in our opinion, the most monumental—example of a brand’s conversion to the e-com route is none other than American Vogue, arguably the holy grail of fashion and all things chic. The iconic brand backed by legendary Editor in Chief Anna Wintour is seeing a huge change in their current sister site, the hub for fashion news and runway coverage that has been a go-to for industry insiders since its launch 15 years ago. This editorial coverage will now remain under the umbrella of American Vogue, with transforming into an e-commerce shopping site,, where readers will be able to scan items straight from Vogue’s pages and shop them instantly.

The rebranding of this iconic namesake reminds us that as technology continues to advance, the rulebook will continue to change– especially in the fashion and modeling industries. Like most things, you have to keep up with the times in order to stay relevant. Just look down at your new Emoji keyboard for reference.

Allison Holton / Maggimae / Taylor Hannum / Tereza Kacerova / Zeda Navarro

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