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Coachella 2015 may have wrapped, but festival season is just beginning. And this year, clothing styles that enhance your inner flower child have been making waves in every day life every since top designers like Valentino and Chloe brought bohemian-infused looks down the runway. But for something that’s more, shall we say, in our budget, Bridget’s latest shoot for Forever21 is what dreams are made of. Throw on a maxi dress to class, a wide-brim hat to brunch and lots of breezy florals, classic denim and lightweight tees in between. Browse the festival-worthy looks here, and you’ll easily stock up on all the essentials for summer concerts and beyond (But just a heads up, we already call dibs on the Woodstock tee. K thx).

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“It’s okay to lose yourself for awhile in music or art”  We couldn’t agree more with the opening words of Living Doll LA’s 2015 Coachella LookBook. In the spirit of the upcoming festival, let us take you into a whimsical world of fringe, lace and denim.

Begin your epic weekend by twirling around in the Whimsical Whitney Lace Blush Dress that’s equal parts flirty and edgy. For Day 2, these Funk It Up Bellbottoms will easily guarantee that all your dreams will come true, and then some. And for packing up the memories on Day 3, cozy up in the Light Desert Day Oversized Shirt while reminiscing over what’s sure to become the wildest 72 hours of your life.

There’s clearly something about getting a group of people together in the middle of the desert that suddenly transforms Coachella into a melting pot for not only music but art, culture and fashion galore. If you won’t be venturing to Indio Valley this year, read on to at least treat yourself to these seriously awesome threads that pair perfectly with an iTunes playlist and a few of your best friends.


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Waking up is hard enough, so why not slip into something just as comfortable as your PJs? Our morning wardrobe process is usually clouded with the words “beauty is pain,” but whoever spoke those fateful words has yet to see American Eagle Outfitters newest line. Luckily, we got to view it all firsthand – Bridget modeled this breezy collection, the perfect transition from your bed into being a real human being. Exhibit A: the Soft & Sexy Long Sleeve T-Shirt. The name says it all; it’s comfy enough to lounge in, but cute enough to not leave you mortified while bumping into your crush on your local coffee run. Win win.

Aside from easing you into your day with style, basics are also the best pieces to get you from winter to spring, aka festival season. We suggest packing the Lace Back T-Shirt and Open Shoulder T-Shirt in your ‘Chella tote, both of which play up the feminine side of a plain tee with lace detailing and a peak of skin. Toss your hair up in a messy bun or finger-comb for an effortless loose waves, and voila! Whether you’re sipping coffee or screaming the lyrics of your favorite headliner, AEO’s Spring collection will make you want to carpe diem like never before.

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Spring break season is just around the corner, aka the ideal time of year to introduce a little (or a lot) of color back into your wardrobe. Say sayonara to your black winter wear and head on over to Tilly’s, your one stop destination for vacation-inspired looks du jour. This So Cal-based brand has a knack for adventure and an ever-evolving knowledge of lifestyle trends, perfect for exploring new places during your time off from school or work.

Tilly’s assortment of tribal-chic pieces as modeled by Alexis, Bridget, Giza, Maggimae, Monica, Lyzy, Sydney, and Taylor will immediately have you dreaming of wearing them someplace exotic. Sip a fruity beverage poolside in a bright orange bikini, and then slip into a gorgeous ethnic-patterned crop top & mini skirt combo as you head out to try the cuisine of a new culture for the evening. Nothing but road trips planned? A passport is not needed to sport these fun looks. Race through town in a breezy, tie-dye fringe dress, a traditional American ice cream cone in hand.

Whatever your spirit desires, Spring Break 2015 will be one for the books for all Tilly’s girls out there. Browse through the rest of our favorite looks here to see what adventures are in store!

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The Models:

Alexis Ren / Bridget Satterlee / Giza Lagarce / Maggimae / Monica Ollander / Lyzy Adler / Sydney Schafer / Taylor Hannum


These days, it seems as if Monday through Friday is a whirlwind of work, school, traveling, and making excuses for why we don’t have time to workout. So when the weekend arrives, we only have one thing in mind: R&R. But you don’t have to resort to sweatpants to kick back (even though it’s super tempting). Do yourself a favor and spice things up while still maintaining a casual-cool vibe, and enlist Living Doll LA to help! Their take on weekend wear pretty much guarantees adventure ahead: we love how their style incorporates a new perspective on original staples.

The Stella Cross Bottom shirt, for example, adds a fresh twist to the plain white tee, and their grey Cardigan paired with ripped denim is a surprisingly awesome duo that’s perfect for exploring that new art shop downtown. Add in a killer kimono, an always reliable black hat and booties-made-for-walkin’, and suddenly your Saturday just got a whole lot better – and more stylish. Whatever you have in store, you’ll be glad your sweatpants remained safely amongst the “organized” pile of clothes in your apartment.

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Obviously, we could never come close to replicating the iconic work of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition. Idolized by girls and guys alike (understandably), the SI Swim covers have long been a coveted spot for aspiring models worldwide. So, we decided to make this dream come true for a handful of the lovely ladies of Nous Models in an exclusive photoshoot for Nous Zine titled – what else – Nous Illustrated!

As a token of our love and appreciation for the famous SI Swim signature looks, Nous Illustrated is a fun expression of the growing talent here at Nous Models that we are amazed by every day. Captured by one of our favorite photographers Bogdan Morozovskiy, this featurette aims to inspire you to go for the gold. We hope you love it as much as we do!

The originals:

























Brianna Gilchrist / Bridget Satterlee / Davia Gomez / Lyzy Adler / Maitlyn Simmons / Naty Belmont 

Niki HueyPolina Frantsena / Sakura Heffron / Sydney Schafer / Zeda Navarro / Zelly Dugan 


In the dead of winter- is there a better way to pass the time than to dream of summer?  In your day dreaming endeavors… we’ve got the best of the best inspiration for you: a batch of some of our all-time favorite swim looks!

Alexis Ren, Allison Holton, Ashley Moore, Brianna Gilchrist, Bridget Satterlee, Britt Koth, Camryn Herold, Cat Haave, Davia Gomez, Faith Picozzi, Fo Porter, Greta Jimenez, Khloe Elkins, Maggimae, Monica Ollander, Naty Belmont, Niki Huey, Phoenix Cotner, Polina Frantsena, Sakura Heffron, Taylor Hannum, Tereza Kacerova, Wase Chief, Zeda Navarro, Beach Beauty, Bikini Body, Workout Inspo, Beach Body, Fitness Inspo, Inspo, Beach, Summer, Swimwear, Photography, Fashion Photography, Nous Models, Nous Model Management

Alexis Ren / Allison Holton / Ashley Moore / Brianna Gilchrist / Bridget Satterlee / Britt Koth / Camryn Herold

Cat Haave / Davia Gomez / Fo Porter / Greta Jimenez / Khloe Elkins / Maggimae / Monica Ollander

Naty Belmont / Niki Huey / Phoenix Cotner / Polina Frantsena / Sakura Heffron / Taylor Hannum

Tereza Kacerova / Wase Chief / Zeda Navarro


Capturing golden hour – that delicate time frame just after a sunrise or before a sunset – is not an easy feat. Fortunately, we can rely upon one of the best in the game, Steve Fan, to do it for us! Steve’s shots are among the most beautiful as they get, and his technique for lighting leaves us mesmerized. On top of that, his personality is equally as golden; our models continually rave about his down-to-earth nature and great directional advice, making him a favorite to work with.

Scroll through to see all the gorgeous looks of Alex, Bridget, Polina and Taylor as they are transformed into radiant silhouettes amongst soft meadows and edgy coastlines. Thank you, Steve for your stunning creations!







We are so so SO proud to say that Bridget Satterlee will be representing the United States in the 2014 Elite Model Look World Final!

What is it?  Elite Model Look is the world’s largest and most prestigious modeling competition! Each year approximately 60 finalists from around the world are chosen to represent their respective countries, competing for the World Final title. The girls are selected by Elite based on natural beauty, photogenic qualities, personality, and potential to resonate with fashion trends. This will be the first year in the competition’s history to feature both female and male contestants.

EML has discovered major icons like Gisele Bündchen, Allesandra Ambrosio and Cindy Crawford, so we can’t WAIT to see what’s in Bridget’s future!!  In just six short months of modeling she’s totally impressed us, showing tremendous potential and versatility.  Classic, sassy and fun; Bridget truly represents quintessential American beauty.  Here’s a gallery of Bridget’s work to show you what we mean!

 Vote for U.S. Contestant Bridget Satterlee in the EML World Final!

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The ability to capture a model’s personality through a photograph is something Martin Rusch has down to a T. Paired with great natural lighting and a cool mix of backdrops, the results will leave you wanting even more (as we constantly do!). Needless to say we are in love. Thank you, Martin for your beautiful work!

Martin Rusch, Nous Models, Zelly Dugan

Martin Rusch, Nous Models, Taylor Hannum

 Martin Rusch


The Models

Bridget // Tereza // Polina // Zelly // Davia // Alexis // Jocelyn // Ashley // Monica // Taylor