Callahan Rahm


Callahan Rahm

How old are you?
I’m 18 years old.

Where are you from?
I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

What’s under your bed?
There are bins full of dance shoes, swimsuits, and my sweet, sleeping dog, Beatrice. All of my favorite things!

Do you believe in ghosts?
No, but I don’t believe in watching scary movies, either.

What’s your favorite punctuation mark?
???? I’m a girl with questions.

Most proud of?
Standing on my own two feet. Not listening to the nay-sayers or following the crowd. I believe in myself, I believe in my dreams, and I believe in my decisions.


What’s the most embarrassing trend you gave into?
During my early hip hop years, I rocked arm warmers, and a patent leather lieutenant hat. Big mistake!

Who was your embarrassing crush of the 2000’s:
My big crush, of course, was High School Musical Zac Efron! I’m not embarrassed to say that I’m crushing on him more today!!

Which superpower would you want?
I would love to be able to fly! I would save a lot of money not using uber.

What inspires you the most?
Positive, passionate people inspire me.

Which emoji would best capture your essence?
(tongue out) I am an emoji addict, but this is my favorite because my life is fun and silly.

Have you overcome one of your fears?
I have overcome my fear of missing out. Over the past few years, I realized that all my failures and disappointments have cleared the path for me to go after my life goals. I no longer feel like I am missing out or feel like there is better things happening elsewhere. I am settled where I am today, learning the lessons I need to learn. I’m confident I’m on my path to my dream life.

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