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Gone are the lazy days of summer. Let’s just take a second to morn that loss.

And we’re back.

Anyway, as ironic as it might sound, back to school is actually one of our favorite times of year. Fresh binders and pencils, a new football season, and your prized I-did-not-wake-up-like-this-I-planned-three-weeks-for-this first day of school outfit, they’re all things that we’re looking forward to. That first day back, the hallways might as well be a red carpet. Who’s new friends with who, who’s wearing what, and how so-and-so managed to transform into a totally different person in just a couple of months; these are all important discoveries made on that very first day. So now is your chance to make a statement about who you were, who you are and who you’re becoming. No pressure or anything, but it’s a look that will set the tone for your entire year. So what are you going to do?

At Nous, we’re trend setters, not followers; so you won’t find us frantically swiping through glossy magazine pages trying to spot and copy the newest fad. This year, let’s do something a little more exciting, and bring back a time when school actually felt kind of cool, and the rebel chicks strutted around campus like they just couldn’t be bothered. The 70’s were the ultimate years of the rocker-chic look, which is why we’re literally living and dying for these retro looks from Living Doll’s 1970’s inspired back to school collection. Stripes mixed with paisley, flared silhouettes, leather accessorized with fur, random graphic tees and of course anything FRINGE– no look is too bold when you’re channeling vintage vibes.

Our sartorial statement for this school year: We are tough, we are confident, and we don’t really care if you don’t approve. Want to join us?  Shop Living Doll and you’re already halfway there (just don’t forget to bring the swagger to back it up).



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Photographer: Logan Cole
Hair & Make Up: Rachelle & Angie of Halcyon Agency
Stylist: Bree Randall & Kenisha Gill
Producer: Bree Randall
Videographer: Bianca Tavera
Assistants: Jasmin Andrade, Meghan Reza and Regan Miller

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Alexis Ren / Bridget Satterlee / Diane Murtha / Faith Picozzi / Fo Porter / Greta Jimenez 

Lyzy Adler / Maggimae / Paige Watkins / Sakura Heffron / Tereza Kacerova / Zeda Navarro


Summer is well under-way, the year is just about halfway over, and it’s been a hot minute since we’ve had a decently long holiday break. Chances are, you’re getting The Itch. You know, that annoying little voice in the back of your mind begging to go somewhere far, far away or to do something totally wild and unexpected; anything to stir up a little excitement and adventure. Most of us aren’t quite so #blessed that we can actually pack up and leave our lives behind for a while, but you can always fake it ’til you make it there. Pick a country, and dress the part!

In their newest lookbook series, “Around the World in One Summer” Faith is rocking inspired looks from one of THE most popular destinations of the moment: Morocco. Mococcan design is known for its vibrant colors and intricate patterns, and you’ll find that aesthetic worked into anything from furniture to clothing or even entire buildings. Lead with bold color and the Fig Blood Orange Embroidered Swing Tank. Channel eclectic, sultry vibes with the Arriba Off The Shoulder Top and pair it with some black vintage cutoffs, or trick yourself into thinking that you’re traveling IRL, and opt for something no-muss-no-fuss, like a cheeky graphic tee and your favorite pair of jeans, or even sweats (this is a judge-free zone people).

Whether you’re traveling for real, or only in your dreams, Living Doll has what it takes to scratch that itch. So head over to LivingDoll.La and get your wanderlust on!

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“It’s okay to lose yourself for awhile in music or art”  We couldn’t agree more with the opening words of Living Doll LA’s 2015 Coachella LookBook. In the spirit of the upcoming festival, let us take you into a whimsical world of fringe, lace and denim.

Begin your epic weekend by twirling around in the Whimsical Whitney Lace Blush Dress that’s equal parts flirty and edgy. For Day 2, these Funk It Up Bellbottoms will easily guarantee that all your dreams will come true, and then some. And for packing up the memories on Day 3, cozy up in the Light Desert Day Oversized Shirt while reminiscing over what’s sure to become the wildest 72 hours of your life.

There’s clearly something about getting a group of people together in the middle of the desert that suddenly transforms Coachella into a melting pot for not only music but art, culture and fashion galore. If you won’t be venturing to Indio Valley this year, read on to at least treat yourself to these seriously awesome threads that pair perfectly with an iTunes playlist and a few of your best friends.


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These days, it seems as if Monday through Friday is a whirlwind of work, school, traveling, and making excuses for why we don’t have time to workout. So when the weekend arrives, we only have one thing in mind: R&R. But you don’t have to resort to sweatpants to kick back (even though it’s super tempting). Do yourself a favor and spice things up while still maintaining a casual-cool vibe, and enlist Living Doll LA to help! Their take on weekend wear pretty much guarantees adventure ahead: we love how their style incorporates a new perspective on original staples.

The Stella Cross Bottom shirt, for example, adds a fresh twist to the plain white tee, and their grey Cardigan paired with ripped denim is a surprisingly awesome duo that’s perfect for exploring that new art shop downtown. Add in a killer kimono, an always reliable black hat and booties-made-for-walkin’, and suddenly your Saturday just got a whole lot better – and more stylish. Whatever you have in store, you’ll be glad your sweatpants remained safely amongst the “organized” pile of clothes in your apartment.

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Winter doesn’t officially start until December 21st. Based on the incredible fall fashion out there, we’re not giving up autumn just yet. Currently, we’re taking notes from LA-based designer Living Doll who seriously knows their stuff when it comes to sweater weather. Light layers, cozy knits and fun flannels are a few of our favorite staples that make for the perfect transition from fall to winter.

Our girls Naty and Monica made us fall in love with this fabulous and affordable brand in their new look book shoot. Relax in a “Do What Makes You Happy” graphic tee on a lazy Sunday, or rock these insanely cool “Not Your Mom’s Bells” bohemian flares for a Friday night. The fun product names are just one thing we’re obsessed with about this brand; 80% of their clothing are made with love and care right here in the US of A!

So before you trade in our ponchos for parkas, see what else we’re loving from the collection.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 10.13.51 PM GlampingW1p5 GlampingW1p3 Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 10.14.58 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-21 at 10.13.42 PM

Naty Belmont


Monica Ollander



coverphotoLiving Doll has something every girl will love! With tons of options for fall, Living Doll encourages girls to be fashion chameleons and makes clothing to transform your style from edgy rocker to boho princess.

The best part? 80% of Living Doll’s clothing is made in the USA, so you can look good AND feel good about what you’re wearing.

Faith and Zelly were the perfect pair for this Living Doll shoot. These two fashionistas effortlessly captured everything a Living Doll girl is… bold, confident, and ambitious.

Zelly shows us how cool and effortless a bohemian style can be! Show off your girly side with a sweet color palette of reds, pinks, and browns.


Faith takes on the minimal trend with classic and trendy pieces! Strut your stuff in black, white, and blue colors.

Living Doll is all about being yourself, whatever style you want to be. With so many options, it’s easy! We’ll be shopping for our fall wardrobes at Living Doll!


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