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In a world where everything seems overdone to the max, sometimes subtler beauty is the way to go. A clean, natural face is timeless, and we love Monica Baddar’s ability to shoot a model in her most delicate, feminine element. Aside from being less time consuming than a full face of makeup, an understated face is the perfect balance to a bolder clothing choice, like Alexis Ren’s patterned crop jacket and skirt combo. See how Monica captured Alexis, Allison, Diane, Monica, Sydney and Zeda in these gorgeous and natural shots!

Photographer – Monica Baddar WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

The Models

Alexis Ren / Allison Holton / Diane Murtha / Monica Ollander / Sydney Schafer / Zeda Navarro


Spring break season is just around the corner, aka the ideal time of year to introduce a little (or a lot) of color back into your wardrobe. Say sayonara to your black winter wear and head on over to Tilly’s, your one stop destination for vacation-inspired looks du jour. This So Cal-based brand has a knack for adventure and an ever-evolving knowledge of lifestyle trends, perfect for exploring new places during your time off from school or work.

Tilly’s assortment of tribal-chic pieces as modeled by Alexis, Bridget, Giza, Maggimae, Monica, Lyzy, Sydney, and Taylor will immediately have you dreaming of wearing them someplace exotic. Sip a fruity beverage poolside in a bright orange bikini, and then slip into a gorgeous ethnic-patterned crop top & mini skirt combo as you head out to try the cuisine of a new culture for the evening. Nothing but road trips planned? A passport is not needed to sport these fun looks. Race through town in a breezy, tie-dye fringe dress, a traditional American ice cream cone in hand.

Whatever your spirit desires, Spring Break 2015 will be one for the books for all Tilly’s girls out there. Browse through the rest of our favorite looks here to see what adventures are in store!

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The Models:

Alexis Ren / Bridget Satterlee / Giza Lagarce / Maggimae / Monica Ollander / Lyzy Adler / Sydney Schafer / Taylor Hannum


Picture this: You arrive at your coveted Valentine’s Day destination looking dressed to impress. After hours of glam – including an incident with the curling iron that you’re thankful no one witnessed – you’re feeling 100% on top of the world and ready to conquer the night. Your date has all eyes on you… until he notices a similar red dress clone out of the corner of his eye.

“Hey, isn’t she wearing the same thing as you?”

Your cheeks immediately turn the shade of your M.A.C. ‘Viva Glam’ red lipstick as all your self confidence melts into the bowl of french onion soup in front of you. It’s not even the main course yet and your Valentine’s vibe has already been killed for the night (insert broken-hearted emoji here).

But fear not: V Day 2015 can have a happy ending. We’ve got the solution to keeping this year’s most romantic night a smashing hit all the way through until your chocolate-covered dessert. The secret? Go vintage!

While some might think this translates into hours of searching through thrift store bins in search of a vintage gem, think again. This year, Nasty Gal has done the hard work for us and put together some seriously cool vintage options – all romantic, elegant and most important of all, unique.

No matter what your plans, we’ve created three V-Day scenarios modeled by the gorgeous Sydney Schafer who showed how to knock ‘em dead for each. You have the final say on the look of the evening, but rest assured that these options will leave you the standout star of the night. Xoxo.


School or Work

It’s always fun to dress in theme, and why not adopt the go big or go home mentality for the one day of the year when it’s acceptable to wear anything pink, red and all things glittery. Try these Vintage Escada Rima Pleated Trousers on for size to add a sizzling pop of red into your daytime look. We also love the Vintage Lagerfeld Vintage Wool Blazer or this Vintage One to Grow on Pencil Skirt for a polished and professional option. To keep things more playful and fun, the Vintage Saint Laurent Lovers’ Swirl Embroidered Top is a fan of ours (and Cupid’s).



Since we brought up Cupid, we’re here to say that you don’t need a date to have fun on Valentine’s Day. It is a #GIRLBOSS world afterall. So save the Ben & Jerry’s + Netflix binge for another night, and throw on one of these dazzling dresses to dance the night away. But to do so, you’ll want this Vintage DKNY Future’s So Bright Racer Back Dress in your closet. For the rock and roll girls, the Vintage Sugar High Leather Dress was made for you. And for those of you who prefer the classic red look, the Vintage Herve Leger Violet Femme Bandage Dress is your go-to, and may even attract the attention of a new romance in your life. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Date Night

If you are lucky enough to score a handsome suitor for the evening, arrive in something like this Vintage Paco Rabanne Lady in Red Velvet Dress and your date won’t even need buy you a bouquet of roses (we’ll still expect them, though. Just saying.) With this dress, it’s all in the name: you will be his lady of the evening. And for the hopeless romantics, it doesn’t get much better than the Vintage All Heart Lattice Dress and Vintage Comme de Garcons Tragically Lip Cutout Top, both of which will leave your date’s eyes on you and you alone long past the main course.

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Obviously, we could never come close to replicating the iconic work of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition. Idolized by girls and guys alike (understandably), the SI Swim covers have long been a coveted spot for aspiring models worldwide. So, we decided to make this dream come true for a handful of the lovely ladies of Nous Models in an exclusive photoshoot for Nous Zine titled – what else – Nous Illustrated!

As a token of our love and appreciation for the famous SI Swim signature looks, Nous Illustrated is a fun expression of the growing talent here at Nous Models that we are amazed by every day. Captured by one of our favorite photographers Bogdan Morozovskiy, this featurette aims to inspire you to go for the gold. We hope you love it as much as we do!

The originals:

























Brianna Gilchrist / Bridget Satterlee / Davia Gomez / Lyzy Adler / Maitlyn Simmons / Naty Belmont 

Niki HueyPolina Frantsena / Sakura Heffron / Sydney Schafer / Zeda Navarro / Zelly Dugan 




Getting caught in the rain, missing a new episode of Glee, not being born a Kardashian: these are things (we’d like to think) are out of our control. Something that’s not: having a camera-ready complexion.

A healthy glow may be the last thing on your mind in the cold winter months. But if you think that wintertime gives you a free pass when it comes to the clear skin department, think again! As a model knows best, you can’t hide under a hat or behind a pair of aviators when it’s time for a photoshoot on, say, the beach. And who wants to turn down a chance to spend some time behind the lens in the sand and sun?

Our girls Sydney Schafer and Sakura looked (in the words of Queen Bey) flawless in their recent tropical shoot with one of our favorite photographer duos, Melis and Dainon. Aside from having a top-notch photography team on their side, what’s their secret? It lies in the skin care!  In the interest of shopping local, all of our featured products have been selected from LA-based spa and skincare brand, Ole Henriksen.

For a girl on the go it’s important to find products that fit easily into your routine. Since we love all of you so much, we’ve decided to give you the ultimate cheat sheet to achieving enviable skin. Start now, and come spring break, you won’t even be needing an Instagram filter to look your best.

I Woke Up Like This

Starting your day off right is essential – you’ve got your O.J., your egg white omelette, and your pump up Katy Perry playlist on repeat. Add in an exfoliating face scrub to your morning routine and you’ll come to class feeling like a rockstar yourself. Our favorites are the Walnut Complexion Scrub and Rub N’ Buff Salt Scrub.

Jet Setting

A day in the life of a model is never boring; sometimes, you’ll wake up at home and be in a new time zone by dinner time. To keep travel light without having to sacrifice your skin, try throwing in the Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths, which will fit perfectly in your carry-on. When you land, spray on some refreshing Cucumber Face Mist to refresh and revitalize (and combat the jet lag).

Afternoon Pick Me Up

Move over Starbucks latte; it’s time to make room for a new afternoon essential. A face tonic is a must-have after a morning or midday workout, which oftentimes leaves our pores clogged and looking dirty. This face tonic is grease-free (score!) and will leave you feeling renewed, replenished and ready to tackle the second half of your day with ease.

Sleeping Beauty

Bedtime is the most crucial time for getting your skin in check. Unwind after a long day with a lavender body oil – a scent that has been proven to increase relaxation and improve sleep (see ya later, insomnia). Then, apply an Invigorating Overnight Treatment to do some repair work for you, while you catch some Zzzs.



Photographers – Melis and Dainon WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM















“I’m in love with San Francisco! It’s such a fun and colorful city. So, I was obviously extremely excited about going there for the second time to work for Old Navy.

My flight was scheduled to depart around 4 but there was terrible weather so I was delayed. I ended up leaving at 10! But, I was prepared and brought a book and my laptop so I was fully entertained. When I got to my hotel it was around 12 and I ended up crashing within minutes of getting there.

The next morning I woke up bright and early for a quick work out at the hotel gym (despite my few hours of sleep). By 8 I was at the studio, nice and clean and ready to shoot. Our team was great and the first day went smoothly. We wrapped around 5, leaving me plenty of time to explore the city! After getting a bite to eat I went to Union Square for a little shopping and a walk around the park. It was decorated beautifully for the holiday season, Christmas tree and all.

The next day we shot outside on location. Shooting on the streets of San Fran is the best! There are so many cute vintage-y houses and shops that anywhere you go is a great photo-op. After Thursday’s shoot I squeezed in a little workout and pampered myself by taking a bath with a LUSH bath bomb (they’re my favorite).

Last day! I got my hair and make up done and was ready to work! By the third day everyone in the studio had a hang of what we were doing and the day seemed to go by faster. It’s always a bitter sweet feeling when wrapping in the studio. You meet such great people and it’s sad having to leave them (thank god for Instagram for making it easier to keep in touch) but at the same time, it’s an awesome feeling to be back home after a long week!”

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Set to the luring instrumental of Stateless’ “Bloodstream,” our girl Sydney looks right at home on the streets of Downtown LA for this new video shot by the amazing David Camarena. Honestly, we can’t get enough of LOLA Creative and the stunning work that they produce. This time, David has outdone himself.

Screenshot 2014-09-16 09.23.48We’re always thrilled when we have the chance to collaborate with LOLA. Known for their ability to elevate brands by providing high-end visuals and allowing for those brands to stand out in a crowded marketplace, they are truly leaving their mark. With a killer team of photographers, videographers, graphic designers, art directors and producers, they specialize in the development and creation of fashion-based visual content. Excuse us, we’re fangirling over here.

Meanwhile, fresh off the tour with Wiz Khalifa, David Camarena finds himself between the worlds of fashion and music. His seamless cuts, manipulation of light and all around intriguing cinema-photography have put David at the forefront of innovative music video directors. Not to mention his pride in taking risks coupled with his endless creativity and excitement. At 21 years young, the self-trained cinematographer, editor and director spends his time filming music videos and giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of his subjects as well as bringing a unique level of visuals to fashion brands.

Screenshot 2014-09-16 09.23.21Okay. Obviously, we needed details! What’s it like working with David? Was the project as awesome of an experience as it came across on screen? We asked our gorgeous leading lady to spill it all, and it didn’t take much to get Sydney talking.

 “Working on the Stateless video was an awesome experience. I love acting, so making the video was a good in-between for acting and modeling. David was really nice and fun to work with because he was open to a lot of different ideas. Exploring downtown and finding interesting locations to shoot was probably my favorite part, though. It can be so colorful at night and I loved seeing it first hand.”

Check out the full video below:

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