WHAT'S NOUS // Zeda for RVCA

Trends come, and they go, but some things will always be in style (and we love them even more for it).

Combining a passion for the old with the new, and an appreciation for nature with modernity, Cali-based surf and skate brand RVCA (say it with us, rue-cah) just gets us. We’re talking puuurre Cali vibes here. We know we can always head over to their affiliate stores or website for timelessly cool pieces that we can wear all year round, and their new Fall 2015 lookbook shot by Kayla Varley doesn’t disappoint. Whether you’re in New York, LA or someplace in between, you can take these looks with you no matter where you’re going, or what you’re doing.

So stop stressing about how to pull of this month’s newest trend and relax in the comfort of classic, with RVCA.

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Photographer Kayla Varley’s Portfolio

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